HOW WE make A difference

We aim to become the largest provider of high-precision sheet metal and machining to instrumentation manufacturers in the South East. Our way to this goal is to be loyal to our values, which are:

  • Think win-win: If it benefits you, it benefits us as well
  • We do not believe business is a zero-sum game. Our experience in the industry has shown us that it is always possible to reach win-win deals and transactions.
  • If our customers are happy, we benefit from that by receiving referrals and new orders. If our suppliers are paid on time and treated respectfully, we receive help from them when we need it.

We love manufacturing. We believe it could and should be a core part of the UK economy. As such, we form a tight-knit community with our customers, staff, suppliers and stakeholders. This community is based on the mutual benefit of all concerned. Strict customer-supplier relationships can work OK, but they excel when they become partnerships.

A community of manufacturers

When a customer and supplier recognise that neither has all the answers, and together they can solve most problems, great things happen.

We work hard to allow our community of manufacturers to succeed. Beyond that, we are staunch believers in manufacturing in the UK. This country has a unique industrial history, and we look forward to being part, and contributing, to a future of exporting, excellence and engineering in the UK.

Our expert team will give you a call


We have chosen to focus on instrumentation because we understand the incredibly tight tolerances and precision requirements in this sector. Also, as we have specialised for over ten years in instrumentation, we have received many referrals from existing customers to new customers in the same sector. We are a proud member of the community of instrumentation manufacturers in the South East.

Our focus on instrumentation

Our focus on instrumentation allows us to share our knowledge and advise our customers on the best manufacturing process for their machines. We pride ourselves on helping our customers get their design right. We recommend, suggest, or advise them in the direction which will yield the best outcome for them. Our whole design assistance team is at your disposal to get your product right, the first time.

Our production facility has been conceived to manufacture small series of precisely manufactured components. Do you have an order for parts to be shipped to Japan next week? We will do our best to make sure they are delivered on time.

Keep it simple: the simplest solution is most likely the right one

Our day-to-day business is dealing with complex components and manufacturing processes. Our customers’ supply chains are also complex, quality-driven and just-in-time. In this highly sophisticated context, we like to keep it simple.

Following the principle of Occam’s razor, the simplest solution is most likely the right one. We make our internal processes simple to follow for our team.

Our factory houses complex machinery and skilled people and our working environment is simple, welcoming and clean. Like our reactions, our coffee is instant! Why not call in and have a cup with us?

Dealing with us is simple, friendly and easy. We strive to learn every day. It keeps us humble.

Pegasus CAD-01

Meet our customers programme

Customer testimonials are great to display on websites, but we wanted to go a step further to gain your trust.

Typically, new customers come to us through a referral from a delighted customer. If you do not have the benefit of a referral, we suggest you join our “Meet Our Customers” programme:

  1. We discuss your needs and ascertain whether we would be a good match for your company
  2. We speak to a few of our customers with similar processes to yours, in non-competing sectors, to organise an introduction.
  3. We put you in touch with one of our customers who call you up or invite you to their plant to share their experiences and best practices.
  4. During the conversation, you can ask them about their experience of working with Pegasus Precision.

We are members of the instrumentation community of the South East of England. Let’s make the most of it.

Please ask us about joining our Meet Our Customers programme.

Design by Pegasus Precision


We offer a complete design assistance to delivery solution; the design phase and introduction of new products are a critical part of our business relationships. Through the use of the latest CADCAM software and skilled, modern precision engineering design techniques, our specialist in-house design engineers can produce fully specified and engineered product design drawings ready for their precision metalwork manufacture and fabrication.

Development by Pegasus Precision


Our development team is here to ensure your designs work.

They take your approved design through a series of processes to verify the final product. Nobody wants to make a batch of defective parts, and our development team is critical to our success.

Manufacturing by Pegasus Precision


Our manufacturing team are metalworking geniuses.

They’re all experts in their individual sections, and they understand how all our processes work. Each operator is aware of the downstream operations they are supplying and how to make the next person’s job easier.